Frances Baruch

Ceramic Sculpture


Frances Baruch (Fellow of the Royal Society of British Sculptors) today specialises in ceramic sculpture, after many years as primarily a portrait sculptor for which she is best known.

Frances’s portrait work included heads of the poet William Plomer, displayed at the Johannesburg Art Gallery, and Sir Laurens van der Post, in possession of the Prince of Wales at Highgrove. In 1995 eight Biblical relief panels were consecrated at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York.

Frances began working with ceramics over eight years ago. Her work is mostly figurative and rarely exceeds 18 inches/45cm in height. Today Frances’ work is all stoneware, using various clays - and is mostly unglazed. For colour she works with oxides and underglaze colours. Sometimes she adds to underglaze surfaces with acrylic colours  and coloured waxes.

Some of her recent ceramic work is on display at the Cecilia Coleman Gallery, St John’s Wood High Street, London, NW8.


Frances Baruch (FRBS) - Ceramic Sculpture